Carieliin Campus Rules Agreement

Carieliin Campus Rules Agreement

Once You’ve Been Given Permission to Live on Carieliin Campuses,  You can live there, effectively, as long as you follow the Carieliin Campus Rules”

Apply For Admissions 

Apply for a Job

Apply for Housing

Register for Classes at Carieliin

Print this Agreement and write your signature on the line provided and along with a completed Application from the list above send both as PDF. Files to email address:

    • The HMHS, Cariel Quinly is the top authority, sovereignty, founder, owner and President of Carieliin University (CU).  She owns the Carieliin Campuses, which include the Carieliin Transportation System (CTS) and Carieliin Homes.  Once she possesses her own home (with the title, free and clear and in her name) she will distribute the Carieliin Homes for purchase or rental by Carieliin members which will become the Carieliin Communities.
    • Everyone living on the Carieliin Campuses who didn’t have a chance to apply for official admission permission from the HMHS will be given until August 27th, 2020 to do so. And they will take responsibility for the lives they were given and could keep if they apply to the HMHS.
    • If they loose the connection to the good life that the HMHS has created for them, they have only themselves to blame.
    • Huge endowments automatically directly deposited to her bank account provide the budget for Carieliin Campus operations and the HMHS can access what she needs from her bank account to live her life and run Carieliin, effectively.
    • She knows when she hires someone who’s applied for work at CU or CTS they will be loyal to her & do a good job for her. She does the hiring with the help of her loyal managers who tell her what jobs assignments for employees are still available & where they are located and which jobs have been filled .
    • Her managers (for the Carieliin Campuses) report to her on regularly basis by land line phones.  She tells them what she wants and they deliver it, effectively.
    • You can apply for work-study program, volunteering or employment online.
    • When you are hired, you’ll be assigned to do work on a regularly basis and you can work from home unless your job is in the field and you’ll then report to your field assignment. 
    • Carieliin employee’s paychecks and Carieliin retired employee’s social security are paid through direct deposit with the help of her automated system. To receive paychecks register your bank routing & account # with the HMHS’s employment office.
    • On the 1st of each month, President Quinly is the first to receive her paycheck (the highest of all paychecks) & her social security check by direct deposit into her bank account before employee’s receive their 1st of the month paychecks.
    • After 2 weeks of beginning work, which ever comes first, on the 1st or 15th of the month, employees will receive their paycheck.  And as long as employees have applied for “backpay” that is owed them, it will be included in their paycheck.
    • The good effects of this reality are up to you to access, if you can.
    • As long as you, have good intentions and follow the Carieliin Campus Rules you’ll eventually find this world, but you must apply to the HMHS and complete the process of being accepted or rejected for admittance to Carieliin Campus. And you’ll be given the same consideration you have given this most precious being from the Golden Age of Wisdom, the HMHS.
    • There will be no public criticism of the HMHS nor her ruler-ship.
    • When she makes an appearance, she is treated with respect and dignity.
    • She has a right to her privacy. No one will interfere with her privacy (unless she gives them permission or there’s an emergency).
    • Carieliin Campus people are kind to each other and the HMHS.
    • They know who she is and support her and are friendly to her.
    • They do the best they can.

“I will follow these Carieliin rules.”